How does Amazon Wish List help?


Pits To Pets Rescue takes in homeless dogs and helps get them healthy, aids in betterment training, places them in temporary foster homes, with the goal of finding them permanent homes with loving families.  With this, Pits To Pets depends on generous donors who help with vet bills, general expenses, and basic living supplies.


That’s why the Amazon Wish List feature is a great fit for our nonprofit. Donors can help our rescues with just a few steps on this trusted shopping site. Amazon even sends the supplies right to Pits To Pets Rescue so donors don’t have to bring in or send the supplies themselves.


Functioning similarly to a wedding registry, Pits To Pets enters their Amazon Wish List items based on what will benefit the organization the most. They can add a quote to the item to emphasize how important the item is. They can even note how high of a priority the item is and how many they need so they can draw attention to the most necessary commodities. Amazon shoppers can quickly add to their cart and it’ll ship straight to the rescue.


*REMEMBER – Use for all you Amazon purchases and select Pits To Pets Rescue as your Favorite Charity.


Our Amazon Wish List